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While you work towards being the world’s next supermodel, this is a great time to advocate for yourself and make yourself your number one client. Use Instagram to your advantage. Take inspiration from other models to see how they create a professional account:

-No food pictures. Casting agents don’t care about your dinner.
-Unless you’re holding or posing with them, keep your pets on your personal account.
-Harass your friends to take your picture so your feed isn’t all selfies.
-Pay attention to trending hashtags and use them properly.
-Blog. A lot of influencers and models we all know and love started as vloggers, bloggers, and Instagram personalities. Blogging creates valuable content for your digital portfolio and allows you to work on smaller passion projects that may not be right for your portfolio.

Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry

Commercial from Fusion I have been doing some influencer content creation and working with some jewellery brands.